By Donnie Wayne Smith

First week meal prep review

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Meal PrepWell, we have enough food prepped for tomorrow and Saturday lunch and then we start all over again on Sunday. I must say everything turned out better than I thought. A few issues: the chicken has become dry towards the end of the week, I wonder how to combat that? And, the broccoli has begun to shrivel. It still tastes pretty good, but it doesn't look so appetizing. I cooked a 95% lean beef and potato casserole kind of thing on Tuesday night and I cooked enough to make 4 prepped meals as well, so that helped with the "Oh man, I have to eat that again?" feeling. The meatloaf/hamburger concoction actually got better as the week went by. I'll have to ask The Missus what she thought about it. 

Someone mentioned the FitMenCook Youtube channel to me on Facebook, and I must admit I dig it. There's a lot of information, even if it's presented a little umm... juvenile.  

Also, I've been researching the Ketogenic diet (Thanks, Joey McBride!). It looks pretty doable. My main concern is how does it affect cholesterol levels and is it sustainable? I may try it during the summer if I've plateaued on my current plan. Apparently, the body acts a little funky as it enter the Ketosis state. 

I'm pretty pumped, I got an email earlier today that I've inspired a couple to begin their fitness journey as well. They started with some vegetarian cookbooks and Mike Matthew's Bigger, Leaner, Thinner booked. I excited to see what they think about it. 

Any ideas on what to prep for next week? Leave me a comment and lemme know. 

Thanks, all. 



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