By Donnie Wayne Smith

Aug. 20 update

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Hey all. Hope all is well in your world. Lots going on right now. Figured I’d catch you up. 


#1 Having a huge benefit concert and auction for Patrick Francis from Tora Tora tomorrow at Minglewood Hall. It’s going to be great. Matt Montgomery and Lance McDaniel, along with Catrina from Rock103 are heading it up and doing a spectacular job. Just a few of the bands playing tomorrow: Surrender the Fall, ShotGun Billies, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Roxy Blue and Tora Tora. Paul Taylor sent me a signed pic from Tom Keifer’s band, Reb is sending stuff from Whitesnake and I have some Winger stuff in the auction as well. Great time to fill-in some of your collections gaps.It’s going to be awesome. Show up if you’re in town! $10 in advance, $15 at the door.


#2 Vocal update: We’ve decided to go the surgery route to remove the polyp. It will make for a drastically improved recovery time, before I hit the road with Winger in Oct. I’m nervous, but I think it’s the best bet in the long run. I’ve watched a ton of before and after videos and I’m stoked about the eventual outcome. Also, the sooner I recover the sound, the sooner I can track vocals.


#3 Studio update: (solo album) This week, the flood gate of creativity opened and it was hard to get it all down on tape. I’ve written 7 tunes, 3 of which I think are stellar, if I do say so myself. I’ve got some goods friends lined up to do some tracking in the next few weeks and then I’ll get in and track solos and vocals. I’ve been uploading tidbits to the DWS fan page on Facebook, so if you aren’t a member go join up (Thanks to Craig and Sabrina for keeping that going). I love the love. Don’t forget to preorder the album at If you’ve already preordered share the link for me. It’s almost time to find someone to mix and master this thing. Then there’s duplication and distribution. Also, you can hear (and buy) my first single at


Thanks again for all the love and support. Couldn’t do it without you!

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