By Donnie Wayne Smith

Today, was a good day

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Today, was a good day. 

Why, you ask, let me tell you. 


My Otolaryngologist’s office called and said that since Blue Cross Blue Shield were being dicks (I’m paraphrasing here, of course) they would begin my vocal therapy today, free-of-charge.


My Vocal therapist was a sweet, kind, beautiful woman, who seemed to really care about my issues. Plus, she’s a talented singer… which is a HUGE plus for me, because it means that she understands. I googled her when I got home, not in the creepy/stalky way, I just wanted to hear her sing. Come to find out… Not only can she sing very well, she was Miss New Jersey at one point. (So, when I say beautiful, I mean… wow). She’s no Kerry Riley Smith obviously, but… 


The therapy went well, I learned a good bit about relaxing the throat (shutup) and made some progress.  She did say that I don’t have a node, I have a polyp, which normally only goes away with surgery. We’re looking into that option now. Not excited. 


I was such a great mood when I came home, that I went directly into the studio, dropped the Tele down to C and wrote the most KILLER RIFF I think I’ve ever written. It sounds like RATT and Avenged Sevenfold got together and kicked Nickleback in the teeth. 


Speaking of the studio, I’ve been writing every day this week. I decided to make myself write every day, even if I wasn’t “feeling it”. Good friend gave me that advice. Turns out it works. I spent the last two years waiting for “the spark” or “the mood”. It never happened. My hope is to finish the writing in the next 30 days. That’s my cut off date anyway. Then I’ll go back in and start tracking etc.

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