By Donnie Wayne Smith

Almost time to get back in the studio!

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Hey all. Hope you're kickin' this summer's ass. It's HOT in Memphis. I believe the heat index is 109 today. Not pleasant to be out in. And what am I doing today, heading outside to finish building The Missus's garden. WooHoo, oh joy!

Sabrina and I, well mostly the lovely Sabrina, are working on some new, cool social media and website stuff. We may do a live Q&A, which should be awesome. So prep some questions... we'll have details soon. We can talk about me, or you, or my experiences with Winger, Voodoo Union, bat houses, Sebastian... whatever. Bring it! Alan, is still rockin' the calendar and live events page. I apreciate you guys so much. 

Speaking of Voodoo Union we have some dates coming up (Aug. 20, Sept. 3, and Oct. 7), the middle is my B-Day, so that should be an especially Fireball-fueled extravaganza.  On Oct. 7, we'll be celebrating Bobbie's B-Day in a big way. She's turning 21 so we'll buy her a BUNCH of shots. 

Kory and I did some early morning acoustic duo shows at Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, I thought they were going to be flops because it was 11am on a Saturday. They wound up being very cool though. Looking forward to doing some more of those soon. (And yes 11am is early morning for me)

The throat is doing ok, the rest last week helped tremendously. The insurance companies are still dragging their feet about the "Vocal Therapy". Hopefully, I'll know something this week. 

The Missus goes back to work here in a week or two and I am going to lock myself in the studio and get this album finished. If, by some chance I still can't sing, I'm going to enlist some help, and bring in a few badass singers. But that means, I'll have to play more guitar. CURSES! *twists handlebar mustache*

Peace, Love, and good happiness stuff,



p.s. - forgive the typos, I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet. 

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