By Donnie Wayne Smith

Close calls and good saves

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Let me "set the scene"...

Medina, MN. Medina Entertainment Center. It's -12 degrees outside, and this building is packed. Friends and fans from all over the country, and Canada are there to see us, since we weren't playing many shows early in the year. (Reb was out with Whitesnake) There are quite a few incredibly beautiful women on my side of the stage, so of course, I spent a ton of time over on the outrider subs. The subs were just a bit taller than the stage. Everytime I would walk over they would snap a bunch of pictures and we were having a blast. During one of Reb's solos Kip comes over with me. I decide to play RockStar and squat down real low so we can take a picture together. Kip leans in for the shot. The next thing I know, I'm heading backwards off the subs headfirst. Had Kip not grabbed me, I'd have one more knot on my head. 

Huge thanks to Jenny Lynn for catching this moment. She couldn't have timesd it any better.  


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