By Donnie Wayne Smith

Amazing people

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It's an amazing feeling when you jokingly put out a request for help, and are overwhelmed with reponses from volunteers. It's with unspeakable joy and sense of awe that I welcome Alan Compton and Sabrina Ulmer-Kuehn to my webpage. They've both offered to help and I am not to proud to accept. It means the world to me to have such amazing, supportive friends. There's no way I could do what I do without their love and kindness. I look forward to seeing all the cool things they do behind the scenes. Love you guys! 

And, of course I can't forget to mention Janet Chism. She's my go-to sexy hi-tech chick! She built the site and keeps it from crashing and makes it beautiful! She's an amazing woman and one of my best friends on the planet. Thank you, Janet. Love you!

I also have to mention Craig Dowler, who has the resposibilty of being the Admin for the new DWS fan group on Facebook. I can't believe I actually have one of those... so weird. He makes me feel like a rockstar. 

One more, I'd be lost with out my Warren Wright. He keeps my head attached and my gear in the right places. "Donnie, do you have your pics?", me... "No., dang it. Thanks!"

Well, I gotta crash, no sleep for the last three days and I have a big weekend coming up! 


Pees, Love and Good Happiness Stuff!


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