By Donnie Wayne Smith

Ready for the Road

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It's getting close to time to head back out on the road. There are too many people I haven't seen in too long. #WingertheBand is heading back out the second week of Feburary. Reb is finally finished with the Whitesnake tour for a bit (I think they go back out in April). John is staying super busy with Starship ft. Mickey Thomas, which is great news for me right?

I'm ready to take my new Custom Shop Les Paul on the road. BTW, big thanks to the Brian Kerns and the guys at Sweetwater for taking such great care of me. Check the photos page out for some shots of it. Also, excited to hear some of these Suhr pedals while we're out. They sound great in the studio, now to road test them. I'm taking the Suhr Riot and Sheba out this trip. 

DWS Gibson promo

I'll see you guys out there soon!



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