By Donnie Wayne Smith

Wow... no other words

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Today I saw the dark side of touring. Here's a brief run down of the day:

Our first flight was delayed, then when we boarded we were asked to deplane due to a navigation light being broken. Let the trek from gate C1 to c31 begin... Chicago O'Hare, so that's about a mile sprint.

We missed our connection by minutes (the plane was still at the gate, but the doors were closed and there was no agent)

Our next flight was scheduled for 3 hours later. So we ate at Elway's inside the Denver International airport.

Our second flight was delayed by 30 minutes or so, and once we landed we still had a two hour ride to the venue. 

Our shuttle driver, Chewbecca, was amazing! He explained that the shuttle had a govenor installed that stopped acceleration at 90mph, but he promised we would go 90mph the whole way, and we did... right up to the stage. We changed clothes in the van, actually Kip had the idea well inadvance and changed at the airport (guess he's done this once or twice). I felt really bad for Robert Langley, our tech, who had to sit next to me on the bench as I changed. I tried very hard to stay in my little area, which was increidbly difficult. 

So on this ride, we got our pedalboards out and ready, changed clothes, all the bling on and in place and prepared to jump out of the side door as soon as we got to the stage. Chewbecca drove us right up to the stage. We all jumped out of the van and were escorted to the stage. I set up my pedals, plugged in my wireless, turned a few knobs on the amp, made a chunk chunk sound on the guitar and was good to go. I sat my guitar down and walked around to see if anyone else needed help. Everyone was good and the intro tape rolled. Literally 9 minutes after we jumped out of the van we were playing an hour long set. 


I had NOTHING in my monitor that entire show. Kip finally got some of his vocals and I'm not sure if Reb's ever worked. I saw them replacing cables and then finally the monitor on his side, but I still don't think they got it going. Thankfully, Dave Hoffis (Tour manager/ Sound god) was runnign front of house loud enough for me to hear it and we rocked on! Everyone said it was a great show, but I'm beginning to think everyone just says that, since they say it every show.

Here's a cool vid I found YouTube from this show... at least this guy was feeling it!

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