By Donnie Wayne Smith


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We left Castel Barco in a shuttle headed for the venue, Live Club in Milano, Italy. Mainly to see the venue but also to hear any of the other bands we could while we were there. We were escorted around the building so we would be familiar with the locations of the stage, dressing rooms and where we would be dining.  

Stryper had taken the stage just after we arrived and I was curious to see how they sounded. I went to the VIP area located at the opposite end of the building, upstairs from the audience. Best seats in the house. The band sounded great, the vocals were awesome, the guitar harmonies were stellar. It was quite the spectacle and the crowd was eating it up!



(update Wed. Aug 5th)

We've played shows with Stryper a few times since Italy, and they always sound great. I met Michael's wife who manages the band. She's sweet, beautiful and intelligent (reminds me of The Missus)

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