By Donnie Wayne Smith

Three Forks, MT was amazing!

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Once again #UnitedAirlines made us miss our connection, and then the second flight into Bozeman was delayed as well. Much like the show in Sheridan, WY we walked out of the van and on to the stage. This time, we were able to do a sound check for monitors and front of house, the crowd got to see it, but I think they liked watching how we work. 

I could not have asked for a better mix on stage. The Marshall head the back-line company provided (JCM2000 DSL100) was PERFECT! Big fat, tight bottom end (and you know how I like that) and the gain rocked at about 7. I wasn't expecting much from the crowd as we were, literally, in the middle of nowhere, but I had a surprise in store. Speaking of middle of nowhere, I asked one of the security staff where the closest city was and she asked me to define city... so I replied, "Anywhere there is a building with more than 4 stories." Her reply, "One hundred and fifty miles east of here." So yea, middle of nowhere.

As the intro tape rolled, I walked out front, checked my tuning and looked out. There was an ocean of people! As I looked up they began to scream so I raised my hands into the air and yelled, "Bring it!" They went hysterical! It was loud as hell! This has to be one of the coolest moments of my life. Alone on stage, waiting on the boys to join me... the crowd going absolutely wild. I think that set the energy for me for the rest of the show. They knew every word to every song, including those from the new album. It was truly amazing. It rained for about two songs, but the crowd didn't diminish by a person! They just sang louder! 

I hope there are videos posted of this show somewhere out there. I'd love to relive it down the road sometime.


Vixen and Lita Ford played before us, and we were followed by headliners, Queensryche. I didn't get to see much of them when we played together in Waukesha, so I made sure to head out front and hear Todd from FOH. He sounded great! The whole band sounded great. My only compliaint was the lack of low-end in their mix. Apprently, that had been a problem through-out the day, except for us. I heard multiple people complementing Dave Hoffis, our tour manager/sound man. He's a talented son-of-a-gun.

Well, I'm off to bed in the middle of nowhere. 




PS- I met two super cool shics from an AC/DC tribute band called Hell's Belles. Andrian and Amber were awesome. I hope we cross paths again soon.

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