By Donnie Wayne Smith

Three Show Weekend

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On a plane to St. Cloud. Looking forward to these next three shows in a row, except for the early flights. It looks like we are off stage at just before midnight with a 4:30 am lobby call. Ugh! All in the name of R'n'R baby!
Some bad news : US Airways jacked up my brand new Pettrucci Family Reserve. Some how all of the bouncing around in the cargo hold ( yes, my guitar has to ride down there) loosened the truss rod all the way out. Not good, now I have a high spot on the low E around the 4th thru 8th fret. I know, I know... Rock star problems right! It really is a big deal.
I was super excited to see so many of my friends make it to this gig. Wisconsin was super cool, and Queensryche kicked some serious ass! It was awesome getting to stand on stage while they played. Todd LaTorre is the man. I didn't get to see as much of their set as I would have liked, as our meet and greet lasted almost an hour. I met some super-sweet fans there too! Kerry, Arianna and I were kicked off the side stage by security during the Queensryche set. Not sure what that was about... all-access my ass. 
Well, I'm about to land in Minneapolis, meet Reb and head on down the road. I'll try to blog some more soon.
Janet Chism, also known as : "Most amazing high-tech chic with ginormous knockers" thinks she'll have the new site update up soon.  Hope you guys like it. 

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