By Donnie Wayne Smith

Frontiers Rock Festival

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Tonight was my first show with Winger. The crowd was amazing to say the least. 

The best part of the night, other than playing, happened while Night Ranger was playing. I snuck around the side of the V.I.P. area, thinking no one would know who I was. I watched NR for a bit and decided to go back in case the band decided to head back to our chalet (I had to add that). Just as I was reaching the security guard, who would check my backstage credentials, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see a sincere looking man with a few cd jackets in his hand. He asked in broken English if I would sign his CD's and I explained to him that I was not "in the band", he said he knew that but he really enjoyed the show and my playing and would be greatful for a signature. I agreed, because I thought to decline would be considered rude and I just couldn't do it, plus... I was signing autographs.Cool  I noticed a few people on the periphery looking at me and checking to see what I was signing. Once they realized it was Winger gear the onslaught was on.

By no means do I mean to sound like I didn't enjoy it. Quite the contrary, I was eating it up. They were very kind, patient and very complimentary. A young Asian man stood by and waited until the commotion had died down and everyone was walking away. He stepped forward tentatively and said, "Mister Winger, please to sign!". I had to stifle a laugh, as I attempted to explain to him that I was not Mr. Winger. More emphatically he requested, "Mister Winger, PLEASE to sign!" After trying repeatedly to explain who I was, I finally gave in to his request and signed his albums.

Love, Kip Winger

I'm sure he walked away thinking, wow Kip's gotten fat and bald. I guess I should learn how to say "I'm sorry, I'm not Kip Winger" in multiple languages. 

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