By Donnie Wayne Smith

It's getting real!

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18 more days until I fly to Baltimore to rehearse with Kip, Reb and Rod. I spoke wth Kip briefly today, he was on layover somewhere and had 7 more hours to wait. I wonder how many times this has happened to musicians over the years. Traveling has got to be the one downside to the job. 

I can't wait for you guys to hear their new album, I'm not on it or anything, obviously, but I think it kicks serious ass. Go to Itunes Store and preorder it and you get two tracks now. Queen Babylon is my favorite track right now, but I've only heard the first five tunes. I'll be playing two tracks off the album in Milan, Italy: Midnight Driver of a Love Machine and Rat Race. Both of these songs are up on Youtube so you can check them out. 

Janet is still working diligently on the website and I apreciate her more than she knows. Hopefully, this thing will be up and running soon and it will be a great place for everyone to get information about me, the bands, shows etc. 

Take it easy,


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